In Stitches

Handmade Happiness

In Stitches was set up by Rachel & Sarah. They offer Stitching workshops and bespoke handmade gifts.

Stitching workshops

Every day they are doing what makes them happy.  Handmade Happiness TM is all about the therapeutic benefits of being creative.

Their motto is #everystitchmatters. That includes how they tailor their workshops to suit a wide array of different ages and abilities.  Take a look at their workshops page for scheduled classes or talk to them about a bespoke session, maybe for a celebration or a community event, and they will take you through
the options and ideas that will meet your needs.

Handmade parcels of joy

Sarah and Rachel make all the products in their shop with great care (remember, #everystitchmatters)
using high quality materials.

If you’d like to talk to them about an individual commission, please feel free get in touch.


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