Support Bristol Food Union

Josh Eggleton has teamed up with chefs and charities across bristol to re-purpose restaurant kitchens to make meals for Bristol’s homeless, vulnerable families, nhs & key workers at this challenging time.

Our farmers, food producers and restaurants are facing an unprecedented moment of crisis across the industry. Covid-19 has hit the food community hard.

Whilst the government package of business relief has offered some support, the economic impact on many food businesses is going to take much longer to recover from.

Bristol Food Union is working tirelessly to adapt our production systems in the face of unprecedented challenges, to make sure that we continue to bring food in from the fields, deliver meals safely to your doors and keep our nation well-fed.

Helping our food community to survive this crisis is essential and immediate work. Many are not going to make it. Our nation’s food security matters more now than ever before. We cannot afford to lose them.

There are ways that you can help, from your home and with the click of a button, to support and sustain Bristol’s food & farming communities. If you are able to donate to our just giving page please do:


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